Belle and Sebastian Make Their Way to MN Zoo on July 23


The 90’s Scottish pop group will be bringing their energy filled performance to the MN Zoo on the 23rd of July. Last in town two summer’s ago this act has been busy since releasing three EPs compiled together under the title , “How to Solve Our Human Problems.” The Guardian describes the group as being “thoughtful, bookish, hushed, in thrall to 60s and 70s singer-songwriters and the kind of indie music the vaulting commercial ambitions of mid-90s alt-rock was supposed to have rendered obsolete.” 

Supporting Belle and Sebastian is Montreal based indie pop band Men I Trust. 

Belle and Sebastian’s US tour will be short and sweet so be sure to catch them while they’re here. 

US Tour dates:

Pittsburgh, PA – July 18

Cleveland, OH – July 19

Chicago, IL – July 20

Royal Oak, MI – July 21

Apple Valley, MN – July 23

Tickets are available HERE