Babes in Toyland to headline First Ave with Bruise Violet and Porcupine


Listen up Minneapolis – here’s a show to make your Friday night a little more interesting. The legendary trio – Babes in Toyland is set to play the First Ave Mainroom, next Friday 9/22. Tickets are just $20 online and still available HERE. Grab your tickets now as these are going fast.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past three decades, Babes in Toyland was born in Minneapolis in the late 1980s by frontwoman Kat Bjelland and drummer Lori Barbero. They went on to release three studio albums to wide reception, grace the covers of Alternative Press and NME, among others. To say that Babes in Toyland changed the face of punk music, and in particular, female fronted punk (although why the hell do we even have to make this distinction anymore), would not be an exaggeration. Babes in Toyland was the antithesis of the bubble gum, material girl pop that colored much of the 1980s. They were loud, they were angry, they were unfettered, and are still to this day. Babes in Toyland, though never formally associated with, was very much part of the Riot Grrrl wave of punk feminism in the 90s. Their influence is still felt to this day, especially with the present third wave feminism.

Where their influence is perhaps most strongly felt is Minneapolis trio Bruise Violet, who takes their name from the Babes in Toyland song. Bruise Violet will be supporting Babes in Toyland, along with Porcupine, at First Ave next week.

Photo Credit: Billy Briggs for TCM