2016 Twin Cities Music Photographer Favorite Images – Day 2


Our second day of more favorite shots from Twin Cities Music Photographers. 

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Tony Nelson

A fixture in the Twin Cities music scene, Tony Nelson specializes in portraiture and documentary style photography.  Although music, especially the world of Rock & Roll continues to be his favorite subject matter he enjoys photographing all kinds of people, places and things. He contributes to CityPages, GO96 and also is the house photographer for the Xcel. His website is Tony Nelson Photography

Jamie Miles

My name is Jamie Miles of Xpressive Images By Jamie. I am a music lover and avid concert goer. I put the two together and am now working my dream job, concert photographer. I photograph for national artists as well as regional bands and local festivals. I’ve shot CMA Fest in Nashville and worked directly with artists such as Brett Eldredge, Kristian Bush of Sugarland, BlackJack Billy, Craig Campbell and had my photos published in Keith Urban’s official calendar.

Working with Kristian Bush of Sugarland is the most gratifying experience. You can see all over his face, the joy and love he has for music. He feels the same way about his fans.

Hanging with Kristian in his dressing room while he sings me songs never before heard form his upcoming album. He was so relaxed in a way I’ve never seen an artist while photographing him in such an intimate, rare setting.

Steve moakler playing in the pouring rain at Ramble Jam. He didn’t even hesitate, he just kept playing. Love how the rain looks in this photo.

Steven Tyler in Nashville at CMA Fest 2016. What an honor to be able to shoot such an icon. Cross that off the bucket list.

Keith Urban in Nashville. Photographing Keith never gets old. He is one of the best entertainers in country music. He plays the banjo as well as he plays the guitar.

David Rubene

David Rubene is a founding partner with Twin Cities Media. With an appetite for the rock scene, his eclectic artistic style has covered a wide range of local artists within the Twin Cities, national / international performers, and some of the largest festival throughout the year. In 2016, David was published in Billboard Magazine and Elmore Magazine, along with artist album, promotional, and merchandising work. The journey of music photography has been his life-long dream and passion that continues to fill the mind and feed the soul. “To stand in the concert pit at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest and look out to a crowd of over 85,000 cheering fans this year was really a ‘Holy Crap!’ moment.”

2016 was a great year of music, but also one of great music artist loss across many genres. The imagines selected really embody one simple moment … the moment when the light catches the band just right, that quick glance from the artist, the moment a solo brings the crowd to their feet, the moment in the performance that connects art and raw emotion, and the intensity a sold out show.

Patrick Dunn

It is my lifelong love of music that led me to photography and for that I am truly thankful. Although my range of music appreciation is broader than most, there is almost no limit to what I’d be interested in seeing performed live. There’s an energy behind the communication that takes place during these performances that is magical and my goal is to capture some of those special moments to tell a story.

I did not realize there was an opportunity to be a concert photographer prior to meeting my mentor, Paul Parks, while living in San Diego, CA. After connecting on our shared appreciation of music, Paul graciously brought me along to experience a bunch of amazing shows (Ray Charles, James Brown, B.B. King) and was excited to also speak about what he was trying to accomplish as a shooter.

It wasn’t until I returned home to Minnesota that he encouraged me to buy a camera and meet him at a festival in Madison, WI for my first concert shoot in September 2008 – The Black Keys and The Roots were headlining. Since then, I have attended over 500 concerts, many with credentials to photograph. I cannot even begin to narrow the list down to a single favorite, but one that stands out in my mind as an unexpected thrill to shoot was Coldplay in 2012 at the Xcel Energy Center. After years of working with several different publications, I launched Concert Communicator and still actively contribute to 1013 Music Reviews.


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  1. Wow !!!! Patrick Dunn’s photography is fantastic!!! Unbelievable in the way this photographer catches the passion and emotion of every artist he shoots !!! This is a photographer that Rocks !! Keep up the great work and cant wait to see what this guy pulls off in 2017 !!!!

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